North Dakota Academy of Physician Assistants

A win for ND PAs - 4-hour Admission Rule Repealed

Posted 6 months ago by Jay Metzger

ND PA's,

The ND Dept of Health and Human Services has officially changed its rules regarding the admission of patients by PAs and the need to contact a physician within 4-hours of those admissions. This rule has plagued our rural hospitals with unnecessary requirements for years, causing compliance issues depending on the facility's policies. The NDAPA has been continuously urging the ND HHS for years on this issue, and we have finally seen the benefits of those efforts. 

The rules regarding 33-07-01.1-09 of the ND Admin Code were formally approved by the ND Legislature's Administrative Rules Committee yesterday and will go into effect on January 1, 2024. 

The rules related to these changes can be found in the North Dakota PA Laws and Rules tab on our home page. Please pass this on to your administrators, whether you are at a rural or urban facility. This file on our webpage is the "marked-up" version; the official rules will be updated on the ND Legislature website in the near future. 

NDAPA Legislative Committee