North Dakota Academy of Physician Assistants

Update on New PA Law Effective Thursday, August 1

Posted 9 months ago by Jay Metzger

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NDAPA Members,

We wanted to update you all on the progress of our legislation from this spring and where we are in the process:

The rules pertaining to the changes in HB 1175 were proposed and approved by the ND Board of Medicine last Friday, July 19 (attached but not fully approved yet). The rules will now go to the ND Legislative Rules Committee for final approval. This may take some time, however, the language in the bill (attached) will be in effect next week starting on Thursday, August 1.

So, what does this mean for currently practicing PAs in ND?

  • As of August 1, PAs will no longer be required to have a supervisory contract with a physician for licensure. Your employer may still require you to have a supervising physician, but you will not need a supervisory contract for licensure.
  • If you are employed by one of the three types of facilities or practices listed in the law, you are good to go and nothing else is required right now.
    • The three types of approved practices include:
      1. Licensed health care facilities (i.e., hospitals, nursing homes).
      2. Facilities with a credentialing and privileging system (clinics).
      3. Physician-owned facility or practice.
    • If you are not currently practicing but are licensed as PA in ND, further information will be released on┬ámaintaining your licensure when renewing your license later in the year (no action needed now).
    • If you are currently practicing but are not employed by one of the above-listed types of facilities or practices, you will need to contact the ND Board of Medicine. They can be reached at 701-328-6500.
    • The ND Board of Medicine will be sending out information in their newsletter early next week.
    • Make sure to review the new law and if you have any questions, please let us know.