North Dakota Academy of Physician Assistants

Representative Bill Devlin is named recipient of the 2019 Health Care Advocacy Award

Posted 9 months ago

   State Representative Bill Devlin of Finley, has been named the 2019 NDAPA Health Care Advocacy Award recipient by the North Dakota Academy of Physician Assistants.  The award inscription said it was given “in recognition of your sponsorship, support and health care advocacy for the citizens and PA’s of North Dakota in the 66th Assembly of the North Dakota Legislature”.

   “Rep. Devlin has been a longtime advocate for health care in rural areas. He resides and serves a rural district and knows first hand the challenges these communities face,” said Jay Metzger, NDAPA President when presenting the award. “He listens and does what he can to ensure his constituents have accessible, affordable, and quality health care” Metzger went on to say.

   Metzger noted that access to health care for North Dakota citizens in rural and other underserved areas has been an ongoing issue for many years. Luckily, these issues have not gone unnoticed. Citizens, legislators and various government, health care, and professional organizations do what they can to keep clinics and hospitals operational in these vulnerable communities.

   The association president also reported that citizens of rural and other underserved communities many times face different issues than those in more urban settings. Access to care can truly be an “access” issue. Not just from financial or insurance perspectives as is it focused on the most but actually having a health care provider available within a reasonable travel distance. While there is not one single solution to this issue, efforts to help assure patients have access to the care they need are ongoing. 

   “The ability for clinics and hospitals to survive in the modern health care era relies on a strong and effective workforce to fill all the needs. Keeping the doors open means that you need administrative, nursing, medical, and other ancillary staff members to safely and effectively provide the comprehensive care our citizens need,’ Metzger said.

“The NDAPA would like to thank Rep. Devlin for his continued support of our patient care teams and health care advocacy for all people in North Dakota”, Metzger concluded.

Jay Metzger, President of the North Dakota Academy of Physician Assistants, recently presented Rep. Bill Devlin the award for being named the 2019 Heath Care Advocacy Award recipient by their association.