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Passage of HB 1283 - Adding PAs to the list of providers that can certify patients for medical marijuana

Posted 12 months ago by Jay Metzger

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HB 1283 was signed into law on April 23 by Gov. Doug Burgum. This bill adds PAs to the list of approved providers that can certify patients for the use of medical marijuana. It also makes some other important changes to the medical marijuana law to include:

  • Removal of the requirement for a health care provider to state that, in their professional opinion, the patient is likely to receive a therapeutic or palliative benefit from the medical use of marijuana.
  • In lieu of a written certification, a veteran receiving treatment from a federal VA entity may submit a copy of their medical records.

Due to the emergency clause included in HB 1283, all changes were effective immediately once Gov. Burgum signed the bill.

Attached is a release from the ND Dept of Health with more information on other medical marijuana legislation that was recently passed. For more general information on medical marijuana in ND, click here to visit the ND Dept. of Health. Division of Medical Marijuana (their site will not be fully up-to-date until May 3 with all these recent changes).

The NDAPA Board of Directors would like to thank the NDAPA Legislative Committee, NDAPA lobbyist Courtney Koebele, and our members for all their work and support in regards to HB 1283. 


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